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Resident Parking Permits

Resident Parking Permits are not welcome nor accepted, at a few public parking lots and some street metered parking, during the summer season. CIty Council leadership is directly accountable and responsible for city parking policy. City parking policy clearly demonstrates that priority parking is provided to visitors and tourists, over residents. Parking revenue is a priority to our city government. The parking needs for the valued taxpaying resident, becomes secondary. A Resident Parking Permit should be allowed all night parking, in public lots, until 8AM.

Residents must endure summer season parking challenges and should not be required to pay to park, in our own city. One ‘Resident Parking Permit’ should be provided to each R1 household @ no cost. A small percentage of parking should be reserved for residential parking permit use. Residents should not be adversely challenged and negatively affected by the increased summer parking demand. A few simple changes to the parking policy will ease the burden placed on residents. Residents deserve equal treatment by priority access that is now solely provided to City Council members; with parking spaces reserved, for their exclusive use, during summertime.

365 Dog Beach

Dogs Lives Matter and resident dogs are not welcome and have restricted access to our public beaches, during summer season. I intend to liberate our canines by providing unrestricted beach access, 365 days per year, by decriminalizing the leash law on our public beaches, from 6-9AM.

In addition, our local city government has demonstrated a willful disregard by continued irresponsible spending that has resulted in efforts to raise taxes to insure even greater Bond Debt. City Council continues to push the envelope to raise our local taxes while wasting millions of dollars on outside consultants and approve overages on construction projects while rubber stamping to advance a 10% cost increase as high as 800Million, on one recent construction project.

My campaign platform brings value to residents.

My time and tenor living in Laguna Beach has brought forth my own personal parody of the “Ten Commandments of Laguna Beach” that will serve to remind residents that a mere three Votes by City Council is the voice of “GOD” in this community. A (3) majority vote of City Council has the ability to increase the frequency of beach trash pick up, add recycling containers, establish policy for less plastic waste, establish city policy and affect Municipal Code, request greater enforcement of MC, establish Town Hall Meetings, reform city policy, add Term Limits and even terminate contract of City Manager or City Attorney.

Perhaps, this is why our current incumbents have become an oligarchy of arrogance and power instead of progress and improvement. City ‘insiders’ appear more interested in recycling tired former City Council members than recycling trash on our beaches or employing sustainable energy solutions for our city.


The choice to establish new leadership remains in the hands of the voter and the will of the people. This election, voters will be given opportunity to elect 3 new City Council members. It’s time residents elect leadership having basic common sense that are willing to put resident needs above visitors and to no longer pander to the tourism industry. I hope to earn your vote and support this election.




I. 365 RESIDENTS FIRST CAMPAIGN~I intend to serve the residents needs first 365 days per year and to be a voice of the people. I will prioritize resident concerns, over the increased demand placed on our community by visitors and the tourism industry, that create a significant burden on the residents of our small village.

II. GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY~Town Hall Meetings will allow Q & A, to establish healthy communication between members of the public and our elected officials and City Staff. Elected officials are public servants, elected to serve the will of the people and should not cater to special interest groups nor should elected officials be allowed to select campaign donors to city committees. Initiate a Citizen Advisory Committee to City Council to receive resident input and guidance on matters of civic importance, not merely direction by City Staff Report.

Install a software program to allow search and download of all public records to save staff time and cost of Public Records Act.

III. REFORMATION OF CITY POLICY~Design Review Board Policy must be reformed to establish and encourage new business. De couple parking and rezone areas to create a master vision plan to enhance our community in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. Reform parking policy to prioritize resident parking needs and decriminalize resident dogs on beaches, early morning 6-9AM.

IV. TERM LIMITS~Establish term limits on all committees, commissions and City Council to bring forth a ballot initiative that will allow residents opportunity to vote to establish term limits.

V. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY~STOP irresponsible spending of taxpayer dollars on consultants and construction projects that over bid and add substantial percent increases to construction projects. I do not support new tax increases nor do I encourage bond debt, placed on residents, unless dire natural disaster occurs by an unexpected emergency. I promote responsible spending caps on City Council, any/all major expenditures over 10M should be a majority vote of the residents.

VI. PARKING, TRAFFIC and CIRCULATION MITIGATION MEASURES~Smart Parking Meter Technology, with a parking APP, will assist to decrease traffic and ease congestion and will remove the visual blight of metal parking meters. Revisit Complete Streets & Vision 2030 plan to revitalize multi modal transportation. Congestion Pricing represents the single most viable and sustainable approach to reducing traffic congestion on LCR and PCH. Congestion Pricing provides incentives to make transit and ride sharing more attractive to commuters.

Both these methods are currently successfully employed, in many cities throughout the world.

VII. INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT~Improve a multi-use pedestrian pathway from Village Entrance along LCR. Initiate the citywide removal of parking meters and chain link fencing and enhance all walkways and create safe bicycle and pedestrian multi-use pathways. The city must remove the layer of bureaucracy created by Caltrans that inhibits progress to create multi modal transportation, reduce unsafe speeds by traffic calming measures and create safer more useable roadways.

VIII. HOMELESS~ ASL should remain open 24/7 to offer daytime social welfare programs and job training to incentivize and promote productivity and reasonable social behavior. The ASL closure causes loitering and vagrancy in our city, along with day camping on beaches and pan handling. I intend to enact a Municipal Code Panhandling Ordinance modeled from other successful cities. LBPD must halt the arbitrary and capricious unequal enforcement of our Municipal Codes. Citations for MC violations must be equally applied.

IX. FREE RESIDENT PARKING PERMIT~Residents should not be required to pay to park in our own city, with meter rates driven skyward by high tourist demand. One free R-1 resident parking permit should be provided, access 24/7/365, in all public lots and all public street meters.

X. 365 DOG BEACH because DOGS LIVES MATTER~Del Mar and Huntington Beach neighboring cities have implemented successful Dog Beaches for their canine loving community. Laguna Beach is home to over 9K licensed resident dogs! Our beloved dogs deserve equal opportunity to free range roam, romp and play in designated safe surf spaces on our public beaches, early morning 6-9 AM. The majority of residents wish to remove the stigma of criminalization that is now placed on our dogs to enjoy the beach, 365 days per year.

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